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Servicing the commercial and industrial industry since 1999, covering areas from the tropic of Capricorn North


NQ Fire Solutions have a long history in the building industry with relationships developed with all services trades. We can do the easy stuff like everyone else how we differentiate our service is our ability to engage other service providers directly to solve the upgrading or rectification of the individual problems that arise ensuring your business place meets all the required Standards and Codes.

This is important it is easy to forget to follow up with a particular problem that has been coming up as a defect year after year, unfortunately the problem rests with you, your current service provider has identified and informed you of the problem.

NQ Fire Solutions is a family owned business and has access to over 50 staff members so very rarely do you wait for service because this week we are in Cairns.

At NQ Fire Solutions we provide a broad range of professional services including:

  • Supply, install, certify, inspect and test
  • Emergency exit lighting
  • Passive Fire Protection – Fire doors and shutters
  • Passive Fire Protection – Fire collars, penetrations and joint sealing
  • Passive Fire Protection – Fire and smoke walls and ceilings
  • Portable fire equipment and hose reels
  • Consult or engage fire engineering when required
  • Inspect, test and maintain
  • Fire detection, alarm and warning systems
  • Fire safety advisor
  • Evacuation diagrams and plans
  • Fire safety advisor to all premises and site over 30 people (mandatory)
  • Building design medium rise
  • Provide complete package of fire compliance for your project
  • All documentation for certification one project one register
  • One point of contact one invoice

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