NQ Steel Frames 92mm double frame high wind load

NQ Steel frames 150mm frame

NQ Steel frames flat packing for 4 storey aged care

NQ Steel frames flat packs bulkheads and ceilings.

NQ Steel Frames straight and true.

Servicing the industrial and commercial industry since 1999, covering all areas North of the Tropic of Capricorn

At NQ Steel Frames we provide a broad range of steel framing services including:

  • Locally produced quality Bluescope Truecore steel
  • Design service including engineering
  • Truss and wall frame for housing
  • Commercial installations
  • Availability of integeral deflection head
  • Load bearing wall frames
  • Full range of stud widths and BMT
  • 75mm .075 to 1.6 BMT
  • 92mm .075 to 1.6 BMT
  • 150mm .075 to 1.6 BMT

Supply, install and certify

  • External and internal wall framing
  • Load bearing wall framing
  • Panelised ceiling system
  • Prefabricated fully assembled off site
  • Flat packed for freight to remote areas
  • Blue scope Truecore steel
  • Range of widths gauges and tensile
  • Shop drawings
  • Local manufacture
  • Quality Australian products
  • Fast turn around

Termite proof Steel is not damaged by termites or borers. The National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) says that steel used as a “primary building element” (i.e. as a structural component) is a “termite resistant material” and there are no mandatory termite treatments or inspections required by the NCC for the building.

Using steel framing provides the confidence that the building will stand for many years to come without the need for additional chemical treatments to protect the steel frame from pest attack. Ongoing pest treatments are not required to safeguard steel framing nor are any such treatments required during construction on site for each exposed cut and drilled surface.2

Steel framing is also not subject to rot and mould, which can present an increasing risk as building envelopes are more effectively sealed to increase comfort and energy efficiency. Lightweight, strong and delivered pre-cut or prefabricated to building sites, steel has the potential to deliver numerous sustainability benefits which can contribute to reduced site disturbance, reduced onsite waste, re-use of existing structures and more cost-effective buildings.

BlueScope’s steel products can be used in greener building designs to improve energy efficiency and thermal comfort, and reduce energy and water demand. This makes it easier for homeowners and developers to meet mandatory sustainability requirements or accrue credits under voluntary green building ratings systems. Any reduction in energy usage delivers economic and environmental benefits such as reduced energy bills, less pressure on energy infrastructure and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Steel frames made from BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel offers the following features and sustainability benefits Non-combustible Steel does not burn; therefore steel framing will neither sustain nor contribute to the spread of a fire.

House frames made from TRUECORE® steel are non-combustible and therefore ideal for bushfire prone areas –suitable for construction in all of the Bushfire Attack Levels as identified in the National Construction Code.3


Peace of mind, quality, consistency and ease of installation.
Please allow up to 2 weeks
We supply a structural warranty on our product to 15 years. If Truecore steel from Bluescope Steel is used they can offer you a 50 year warranty on the coating of steel only.
Three weeks from deposit
Usually 10% of price
Of course, any experienced builder will be able to install our frames without any problems. We have owner builders completing the install on their own with little to no building knowledge.
Yes, we engage a third party registered engineer to certify all of our steel framing.
With the frame, you get everything that is required to install the frame so that other trades can fix the roof, fix the linings externally and internally. For more information call us on 07 4774 7699.
NQ Steel frames delivers anywhere north of the tropic of Capricorn including Torres Straights and the Cape. If your in the Territory we can be competitive in some areas.
Our company has been open since 1999.
Once again this is very much dependent on the design location and engineering.
No kits, but we can build to your requirements.
Silver or zinc steel has a coating of AM125, whilst Blue Trucore has a coating of AM150.
We prepunch 3 holes per stud so most of the work is already done, some holes need to be drilled. If we know you have a specific requirement we can move to suit.
There is typically sufficient space for ducting and the like but some times we make provisions in the trusses to accommodate it if it is a large unit.
Yes. It is a requirement to earth all homes, but during construction, steel frames should be earthed in case of lightning.
Not if it is submerged in water.
Yes, we can recommend many Licensed Contractors to carry out the work.
We typically use an anchor screw bolt, however we offer a full installation manual which comes with the frame.
Every job is different but typically yes, however our engineer would need to review it.
Call us on 07 4774 7699 for an obligation free quote.
We do small buildings and renovations to very large commerical projects.
The delivery costs are built into the supply price and are different for each job as all jobs have different loads and distances.
We have just completed the LAN121 project for Lend Lease at Lavarack Barracks this project was in excess 3 million dollars and had a large component of steel framing.
No, we only supply frames but we have an extensive list of installers who can install for you.
If required, but we will typically charge for those services.
When installed correctly neither steel or timber joists should squeak.
Some companies offer a discount due to steel not being combustable which reduces the chance of fire. It is worth talking to your insurance provider.
You will need to contract a draftsman or architect (we can recommend some if required).
We require a deposit in order to instigate our shop drawings and for engineering costs.
Yes, we supply all the fasteners to complete the frame installation
Yes we do.
Typically three weeks.
If it is compared against treated timber of similar width and tensile strength equivalent NO, but it is hard to compare against 65mm unteated, finger jointed pine.
In extreme temperature changes yes, steel will expand and contract but will always revert to its original form and strength.
There is a vast range of screws and nails specifically designed to fasten steel frames and linings to steel frames now offered in the market place.
The frames are light weight but once fixed together they are extremely strong, weight to strength ratios they are far superior to timber.

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